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Let’s set sail for the future course of your organisation! With the help of innovative approaches and effective instruments, we will jointly identify, evaluate and exploit the growth potential in the market and in your range of services.

Furthermore, we design the key factors for innovations in operative processes and in the corporate cultural – ensuring that your company is comprehensively permeable for dealing with the defined growth fields.

360° Future

Using selected analysis tools, we provide a holistic view of your market and of the prevailing dynamics and trends. Together we determine your company’s position in this force field and identify growth areas for new products and business models.



Systemic Marketing is powered by the forces that your company already carries within itself. And it is guided by the approach that marketing is a group dynamic process. Which is why we exclusively develop integrated concepts for your brands, communication, procurement and sales.

In these times of Omnichannel Marketing, we selectively break down development barriers in brand management, product development, communication, sales, IT and logistics. An improved interplay will enable you to achieve the optimal customer experience and win enthusiastic buyers.


Your headstart in competition through a competitive and sustainable brand image! On the basis of user-centered trend studies, we help you define unique brand values, a differentiating performance promise and innovative products concepts. 



Sustainable organizations are agile, digital and adaptive. They work successfully with the leadership image of the Servant Leader and the principle of self-organization of cross-functional teams. They ensure the availability and usability of relevant data in real time for everyone involved in the value creation process. Increasing customer value is at the center of all decisions, and the customer experience becomes a tangible asset.

Systematic methods help you identify key factors and fields of development, on the basis of which we jointly create a roadmap for your transformation into an Organization 4.0.

Innovate DNA

With the help of Innovative Analytics we lift your success factors for an integrative innovation management. On this basis we develop the roadmap for your gradual transformation into an agile, self-learning organization.

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